Here are 10 reasons to choose us with your eyes closed

Benefit from our strengths 

By choosing our services, you benefit from the following advantages:

  1. An all-inclusive price  food, drinks, staff and equipment included. Our price comes without any unpleasant surprises: you’ll know your real budget in advance (excluding VAT).
  2. Vast experience in the organization of weddings and events. Peace of mind formula: you’re supported and advised from A to Z!
  3. A loyal team of 25 full-time employees, including 15 experienced cooks.
  4. A first-class hand-picked staff who’ll pamper you throughout the day. 
    50% of the success of the wedding or event depends on the judicious choice of the room staff.
  5. The professionalism, dynamism, flexibility and kindness of our teams will allow you to spend a dream moment in a festive and refined atmosphere.
  6. Creative and delicious cuisine, in line with the times and exclusively based on fresh products. A rigorous selection of exclusive wines, referenced in the guides.
  7. We certainly have the best quality/price/service ratio out there. We have a satisfaction rate approaching 100%, along with letters of thanks we’ll be pleased to show you. 
    We never accept too many events!
  8. Standard, high-quality material  and the possibility to tailor according to your wishes.
  9. A reputation which has caused us to be recommended in a huge number of venues across the country.
  10. Word of mouth remains the best advertising: don’t hesitate to consult the social networks (Facebook, Instagram, etc.) and discussion groups focusing on events and weddings to get a more precise and objective opinion on our achievements and know-how.

Contact us

Want to organize a walking dinner or any other celebration in Brussels, Walloon Brabant or elsewhere in Belgium? Want to enter the big leagues for your festive occasion? A wedding, reception, evening or other event? Huitrière & Eole is your partner of all your events. So don't hesitate and contact your caterer by phone or email.