Step off the beaten track and dare to take a breath of fresh air :
Gastronomy according to "Huîtrière et Eole" is a subtle mixture of respect and audacity.

Tasting Room

L'Huîtrière & Eole invites you to discover our tasting room : a warm and friendly place.

We will give you an idea of the know-how and the quality of our catering service. As you gradually learn about our set meals, you will experience varied flavours ; original little appetizers, sophisticated and innovative starters and tasty main dishes accompanied by seasonal side dishes of irreproachable freshness : there's nothing like gaining an idea and judging our gastronomical know-how for yourself “in real life”.

Contact us by telephone on 02/726 93 60 or by fax on 02/726 85 79, or come to Evere, avenue Henry Dunant 33 ; you can contact us by e-mail for a reservation by giving us your contact details. We will contact you as quickly as possible.