Step off the beaten track and dare to take a breath of fresh air :
Gastronomy according to "Huîtrière et Eole" is a subtle mixture of respect and audacity.



Are you counting on organising a significant event at work or in your personal life? Are you hoping to offer your guests the originality and the quality that can be found in the major settings for gastronomy, where the dishes prepared, the excellence of the products and the discreet efficiency of the service leave a memory that is as dazzling as it is enduring, and all at reasonable prices?
Then Huîtrière & Eole is THE caterer that you are looking for.

And, if you want to judge for yourself the dishes that you will be offering your guests, we invite you to call on us in our tasting room. As you gradually learn about our set meals, you will experience varied flavours ; original little appetizers, sophisticated and innovative starters and tasty main dishes accompanied by seasonal side dishes of irreproachable freshness : there's nothing like gaining an idea and judging our gastronomical know-how for yourself “in real life”. 


Do you have special obligations or wishes for your guests?
We are at your service to customise your party, to give it a special style and make it an exceptional event. 

We will give you our advice and put our structure and its entire logistics at your service in order to make your party a magical time that will remain engraved on the memories of your guests.

Success is Within Reach

Whether you are organising the event or its organisation has been assigned to an agency, we will always begin by collecting a certain amount of information :

  • The guests : Who are your guests? What are their tastes? … 
  • The reason for the reception : In honour of whom? Of what? In what circumstances? … 
  • Place & Date : What is the schedule? How can the place chosen be made use of the best? ...

This does not look like much, but the answers to these questions are the keystone for the success of any event down to the slightest details.

In service of your requirements, we will be able to advise you, but we will not impose anything on you : you will guide us, confide your ideas to us, your hopes, and together, we will create an exceptional event.