Step off the beaten track and dare to take a breath of fresh air :
Gastronomy according to "Huîtrière et Eole" is a subtle mixture of respect and audacity.

Traiteur Huîtrière & Eole


Avenue Henry Dunant 33 | B-1140 Bruxelles | 

phone : +32 (0)2/726.93.60 | Fax : +32 (0)2/726.85.79 | BE0402.782.897

Tél : 02 726 93 60 | Fax : 02 726 85 79 | BE0402.782.897

Huîtrière & Eole Catering


Are you looking for an exceptional caterer that will be ready to create “tailor-made” gastronomy in order to give your event amazing style? Huîtrière & Eole will leave you with a memory as dazzling as it is enduring.

Weddings & Other Festivities

The most beautiful moments in your life are worthy of service that lives up to your hopes. Our ambition is to create the celebration you have dreamed of for so long, and to make it more beautiful than you could have imagined.

Day-to-Day Services

Our chef and his team handle daily orders with as much care and passion as they do prestigious events. We are keen to give the best of ourselves, and we love to give free rein to our creativity. Our dishes will thrill your taste buds with their originality, their quality and the freshness of the products used.

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